Scents everywhere :]

I am just ADDICTED to Scentsy now that I have become an Independent Scentsy Consultant! In my tester kit I received a bunch of goodies: a Premium Full-Size Warmer, a Scentsy Buddy, Scent Pak, Shower Gel, lotion, advertising material and catalogs, as well as a full party tester set with tons of yummy smelling scents! I spent a good hour on Saturday going through all of the Scent testers and smelling each one and grouping them in categories of “I LOVE” “Smells good but not my FAVORITE” and “I can do without” let’s just say that most fell in the “I LOVE” category! Really, they all smelt so good! How fun it is to have a tester set that I can let other people smell and love as well :] I can not wait to have a Scentsy at home party or a Basket party, how fun! Also thinking of teaming up with one of the local schools to do a Scentsy funraiser (where the kids sell Scentsy products and 25% of the proceeds are donated to the school…ALL of my commission will be donated, and what I gain from it will be fun, experience, getting my name out there, and all for a good cause!) Also, there is a local Farmer’s Market starting in June that goes until August, it is one day a week for a few hours so I may rent a booth there and do that once or twice, take my testers, warmers, scent bars, scentsy buddy, catalogs, brochures, etc. and set up a fun table so everyone can stop and smell and look and hopefully take a brochure or catalog :] It is so hard to spread the word right now when I am healing from a broken ankle, all I want to do is get up and walk around the neighborhood and drop off catalogs to people and local businesses. Hoping that good things are to come and I can get my name out there and sell this amazing product!


-Melanie Gordon

Independent Scentsy Consultant


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