Have your own Scentsy Pouch Party & earn Free Scentsy Products!

The top pic shows all the Free and 1/2 priced goodies I earned from being the host of my Scentsy Party. You can get all the goodies for Free and 1/2 price as well! The bottom pic shows all you need to do so: A Pouch Party! If you live in the US I can send you the pouch (which includes: some mini testers, calculator, pen, Scentsy Bar, Scentsy Catalogs, Layers Catalogs, Host brochure, Join brochure, order forms, and some business cards) and a Hostess Handbook (which includes: info on how to take orders, payment info, shipping info, hostess rewards, Joining and selling Scentsy, FAQs about Scentsy, and other fun info!) Let me know if you are interested in earning Free goodies! :]

Email me or leave a comment if you are interested and want me to send you this pouch so you can take orders and earn Free product πŸ™‚

-Melanie Gordon

Independent Scentsy Consultant




4 thoughts on “Have your own Scentsy Pouch Party & earn Free Scentsy Products!

  1. A pouch party…That’s a really neat idea. I’m an independent Scentsy consultant as well. I just started selling on June 4th. I saw your farmer’s market display. I’m getting ready to do an event at a farmer’s market as well. You have great ideas.

    Janera S.
    Escential Consultant

      • I include: 14 mini testers, 1 Scentsy Bar, pen, calculator, 5 catalogs, 15 order forms, 2 Layers catalogs, 2 Host brochures, 2 Join brochures, and 10 business cards…Plus the Hostess Handbook I made up with Scentsy info, payment info, FAQs, Monthly Specials, etc.

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