My First Scentsy Event

Last Tuesday, June 12th, I had a Scentsy display setup at the local Farmers Market in my town. This was my first paid for Scentsy event, and I will be doing 2 more- one in July and August. It was fun, despite it being over 90 out that day there was sure a nice breeze (my canopy ended up blowing over though because the lady behind me had a canopy that blew over and into mine, and broke it 😦 ) that was the only downside to the evening….next time I will be getting something better and more sturdy! Anyway, it was successful- I handed out a lot of catalogs, talked to a lot of people, and had a drawing for people to enter. I just started selling Scentsy at the end of April so it is still new to me and I am still learning the ropes, so I do not have a stock built up to sell actual products at these events, just did it to get my name out there in the community, talk to people, and hand out catalogs. Hoping I will see some results from this 🙂 I had some people say they were going to purchase and someone even interested in a basket party! We will see 🙂 Here are a couple pictures I took of my setup display:

I am having some great end of the month deals!!! Just ask me for more info 🙂 If you or anyone you know is interested in ordering any Scentsy products, want to host a pouch party (it is free and FUN!) to earn FREE and 1/2 priced items (I can send you the pouch if you live in the US!), or want a free catalog let me know!




-Melanie Gordon

Independent Scentsy Consultant


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