“Brand X” to be Revealed Within the Next Few Days!

Last year Scentsy CEO, Orville Thompson, announced that Scentsy would like to create multiple brands that their consultants could sell. So far there is Scentsy Wickless Candles and Velata, which is Chocolate Fondue! Now they been investing all of their profits into a mystery “Brand X” that will be revealed any day during the 2012 annual Scentsy Convention that is being held in Las Vegas, NV. Obviously there has been tons of speculation and many rumors about what the mystery brand is, but until it is actually revealed, no one really knows for sure. Scentsy has been providing what they call “Drip Teases” on their forums, Facebook, & Twitter sites, which includes clues as to what the mystery brand is. I am at a loss and honestly have no idea what the new brand will be, but I am oh so excited to find out within the next few days! As soon as I know I will be posting it on here, so keep checking back!!

Here are some of the “Drip Teases” that Scentsy has provided us with thus far:

  • Drip Tease 1: What secrets lie within?
  • Drip Tease 2: Simple Concept with 430 SKUs
  • Drip Tease 3: A beautiful 48 page catalog
  • Drip Tease 4: A $64 billion market!
  • Drip Tease 5: 100,000 man hours to be ready to launch this new brand
  • Drip Tease 6: A two syllable first name and a one syllable last name
  • Drip Tease 7: 150,000 square feet of dedicated distribution space
  • Drip Tease 8: Cost of inventory needed for the first 12 weeks equals Scentsy’s revenue its first 34 months!!
  • Drip Tease 9: 70 shipping containers on the water headed to Meridian for the initial launch!
  • Drip Tease 10: One is NEVER enough!
  • Drip Tease #11: Men will feel smarter because you do This is the final (so called) clue, before the big reveal tomorrow!!

These are the 11 “Drip Teases” that Scentsy has given us so far. Any ideas as to what “Brand X” is?! I have not a clue 😦 Let me know what you think!

How exciting to be given the opportunity to sell Scentsy, which is AN AMAZING brand, then they came out with the Velata line, which is chocolate fondue, and now “Brand X.” Scentsy consultants have the opportunity to sell not only Scentsy but two other brands now as well! How fun, and what a great way to make extra cash!!! I love my job, I LOVE Scentsy! I am so glad I jumped into selling Scentsy, it was one of the best decisions of my life. It is so much fun, a great way to meet new people, a great way to earn extra money, and the product really does sell itself! If you are interested in selling Scentsy, Velata, or “Brand X” please contact me! You won’t regret it 🙂 I would love to help you change your life!


-Melanie Gordon

Independent Scentsy Consultant





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