August Is A Fun Month For Scentsy!

August is a GREAT month for Scentsy! If you join Scentsy this month you get the whole starter kit which includes all the Spring/Summer testers and catalogs PLUS you get all of the Fall/Winter testers and catalogs for FREE! That is a great deal! If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining and selling Scentsy I would LOVE to have you on my team! Scentsy is a great company to work for, it is fun, & a great way to earn extra income! Please contact me for details.

Another great thing this month is that almost EVERYTHING is 10% off all month long! As we transition to our Fall/Winter catalog we have to make room for things, therefore some items and scents will be discontinued at the end of this month, or while supplies last, and we are having this amazing sale all month long!

Also, this month we launched our new Scentsy family brand- GRACE ADELE: handbags, purses, clutches, wallets, and jewelry! Although I have not signed up yet to sell this I know some awesome girls who do sell them, and if anyone is interested in joining and selling Grace Adele let me know because I could still have you on my team regardless if I sell them or not! 🙂 I would LOVE to have you!


We are less than a month away from launching our Fall/Winter catalogs which includes some yummy scents and some really neat, new warmers! Also, on September 15th our 2012 Holiday Collection of scents and warmers will be available, and only while supplies last! These warmers and scents are holiday related, so Halloween & Christmas warmers and holiday smells!


Please contact me if you are interested in joining or buying! Or you can just go to My Web Site and if you are interested in joining hit the “Join” tab, if you are wanting to buy just click the “Online Orders Here!” tab below my picture 🙂 If  you have any questions send me a message or e-mail!



-Melanie Gordon

Independent Scentsy Consultant

Facebook Page


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