Coconut Lemongrass Layers Dryer Disk

My mom recently made a Scentsy purchase through me and she ordered the Layers by Scentsy Coconut Lemongrass Dryer Disk and let me just tell you… makes your clothes smell ohhh sooooo goood!!! I can not stop smelling my clothing! That may sound totally weird, but it is oh so true! This stuff makes my clothing smell so good, I am in love! I love crawling into bed at night with my sheets smelling like this, it is amazing! Toss out your dryer sheets, toss in a Dryer Disk! Simply add one to your dryer—it will infuse your clothes with scent for up to 15 loads and fight static at the same time. Available in packs of two, and for only $7.00 this is a must have household item! Trust me when I say you will love it just as much as I do! 🙂 If you get one let me know how you like it!


-Melanie Gordon

Independent Scentsy Consultant


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